Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Audiffex Effects and Applications!

Based in the Czech Republic, Audiffex has been developing software since 1999 and was one of the first to make software solutions for guitars.  

Their algorithms have been used by many major hardware guitar effects companies since that time.  

Audiffex has expanded their product line beyond guitars, with effects tailored to keyboards, bass, vocals and others.  Perhaps best of all, Audiffex prices are super-affordable.

ampLion Pro
ampLion is an ultra-precise simulation of guitar amps, speakers, microphones and effects. This is an all-in-one solution for every guitar player as all of the gear is just a click away. The Live mode and implemented MIDI control allows your customer to enter the stage with just their computer, audio interface and MIDI foot controller!

Effects Pedal
A complete set of 36 plug-ins for guitar, bass, software instruments, vocal and acoustic instruments. One of the first professional guitar software solutions. Because of a strong demand to release this set also for ProTools and as a standalone product, the complete set of stomp-box effects has been released in one package, giving your customer multiple tools to customize the sound. 

Gallien-Krueger Amplification 2 and Pro Version
A result of the cooperation between Gallien-Krueger, the leading bass gear company, and Audiffex, you get one of the best bass amps simulations. GK Amplification is plug-in that includes exact models of Gallien-Krueger amps and speakers. All the functions of the original amps (Bi-Amp, filters) are available and all of the controls do the same as their hardware counterparts. 

Family of real-time effect processors designed primarily for live performance and home practicing. Whether your customer is a guitar, bass, keyboard player or a sound engineer, inTone can offer them everything they need. All that for really reasonable price.


inTone Bass Pro
inTone Guitar Pro
inTone Keys Pro
inTone Matrix Pro

Guitar Line Multi Drive
Compact guitar effects series of plugins that faithfully simulate guitar gear, whether effects or speakers. Eight most famous drive pedals in a single package for convenient use in your studio. An affordable option for the customer who would like a multitude of effects at their disposal.

Tube preamp, equalizer and compressor package to add warmth and body to any sound. Control is made more consistent with a dedicated graphic interface. Behind the graphics, there are models of analog circuits, exact valve characteristics and advanced oversampling that increase the processing quality.

NRV10 interFX
Now the Mac or PC computer can be used as a flexible external effect unit for M-Audio NRV10, an analog mixer with built-in 10-in and 10-out digital audio interface. Created in cooperation with M-Audio, the interFX application will enhance the mixer's capabilities by using external VST effects. 


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