Friday, March 22, 2013

Fender Complete Guide: Telecaster (Part One)

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Pictured Guitar: Fender American Design Telecaster Burnt Tobacco Rosewood
L.A. Music recently received two of 48 limited edition Telecasters.  To celebrate this extraordinary line of guitars, it seemed fitting to do a complete guide on the Fender guitar that started it all - The Telecaster (short form: Tele).

The rich history of Fender Guitars starts with the Telecaster.  Believe it or not, it took two years and multiple name changes before the now-known classic Telecaster was created.  The Tele first debuted in February of 1951 (that's more that 60 years!) and Fender has consciously stuck to it's classic design and tone.

Fender Telecasters have a versatile, unique and distinct sound.  They are known for their bright, rich and cutting tone; the typical Telecaster Twang.  Additionally, the tele is versatile in the notion that it can produce a mellow and bluesy tone depending on the pickup.

Key Features

Single-Cutaway Body

The Telecaster's distinctive single-cutaway body has been an unchanging hallmark of its design ever since it was introduced in 1951.


Classic Telecaster tone is a long-revered product of its dual single-coil pickups—especially the bright, snappy tone of the bridge pickup. Other pickup options lend even more versatility.

Neck and Fingerboard

Telecaster guitars are known for comfortable and easily adjusted necks with a variety of profiles, eminently playable fingerboards and an unmistakable headstock.

List of Series:



  • Affinity
  • Artist
  • Classic Vibe
  • Standard
  • Vintage Modified

Custom Shop:

  • Artist
  • Custom Deluxe
  • Pro Collection
  • Time Machine

L.A. Music carries  the Fender catalog in it's entirety and we can guarantee the best pricing in Canada.  As your favourite music retailer, we strive to bring you more than the product. As musicians ourselves, we thrive off of any knowledge that we can get our hands on.  So, whether you are looking to purchase a new guitar or are just looking, here are some timeless classics and latest additions that are custom picked by our guitar specialist team for your viewing pleasure:

Fender Standard Tele Left Handed Maple Neck Black (No Bag) F-0145122506 

canada, electric, fender, guitar, instrument, music, musical, shop, Telecaster 

Fender Standard Tele Maple Neck Brown Sunburst (No Bag) F-0145102532

canada, electric, fender, guitar, instrument, music, musical, shop, Telecaster

Fender American Standard Telecaster 2012 Maple Neck 3-Color Sunburst 0113202700

canada, electric, fender, guitar, instrument, music, musical, shop, Telecaster


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