Saturday, March 30, 2013

Brand Overview: Gibson Guitars

L.A. Music recently added to inventory, the Gibson Custom Shop 1959 Reissue Les Paul Standard VOS 2013 (pictured above), Gibson VOS '58 Les Paul Plain Top Reissue Worn Cherry and the Gibson 1959 Reissue Les Paul Standard VOS Washed Cherry.  To celebrate this outstanding brand, here is a quick overview of the company:

L.A. Music is very proud to be one of the elite minority of companies to be selected as an Authorized Gibson Retailer. L.A. Music offers the complete line of Gibson products, which are all covered by the Limited Lifetime Warranty available only from Authorized Gibson Retailers.

For decades, Gibson has been recognized as one of the most renowned guitar builders in the world. We are truly honored to be selected by Gibson to bring their world-class instruments to you.

Buy with confidence 100% authentic Gibson products from L.A. Music - Canada's Largest Gibson Authorized Internet Retailer.

Orville Gibson, a restaurant clerk in Kalamazoo, MI, began making mandolins and guitars in his home workshop in 1894. The Gibson company (official name: The Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Co., Ltd.) was organized by a group of Kalamazoo businessmen in 1902. The company initially focused on producing only mandolins but were able to maintain a leadership role in the music industry prompting prompting a name change to Gibson, Inc., in 1923 and the guitar line release in the 1930s.

A manufacturing facility was opened in Nashville in 1974, and instruments were made in Kalamazoo and Nashville until 1984.

Gibson is the only company to establish industry-standard models in every major fretted instrument style: acoustic guitar (flat top and arch top), electric guitar (hollow body, semi-hollow body and solid body), electric bass, banjo and mandolin.

Gibson's best known signature lines are the Les Paul electric solid body (introduced in 1952), the Chet Atkins solidbody acoustic (introduced 1982), the B.B. King Lucille electric semi-hollow body (introduced 1980) and the Earl Scruggs banjo (introduced 1984).

The Gibson Les Paul represents the most successful endorsement agreement in the history of musical instruments. Gibson has made over 100 different variations of Les Paul models. The body shape is a registered trademark and is recognized around the world as an icon for rock and roll music.

Gibson has always had a close relationship with musicians at the top of their game. Besides Les Paul, famous Gibson players include B. B. King, Chet Atkins, and jazz artists such as Howard Roberts and Herb Ellis. Not to mention famous Les Paul guitar players like Jimmy Page and Joe Perry as well as Angus Young, famous for his Gibson SG guitar.


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