Thursday, July 18, 2013

New from Summer NAMM '13: TC Electronic Spark Mini


TC Electronic brings you a smart way to supercharge your guitar tone with the Spark Mini booster pedal. This compact pedal packs 20dB of gain boost, perfect for solo boosts or sending your amp into overdrive. The coolest part is the innovative PrimeTime switching — you can turn the boost on/off, or hold the footswitch for a momentary volume boost.

TC Electronic Spark Mini Boost Pedal Features:

  • Level boost pedal for electric guitar with up to 20dB of boost
  • Discrete analog circuitry and true bypass design maintain your tone
  • Compact design is perfect for any pedalboard
  • PrimeTime switching gives you two options – standard latching operation, or momentary operation
  • Perfect for subtle volume boosts or sending your amplifier into overdrive


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