Thursday, July 18, 2013

New from Summer NAMM '13: Sabian Xs20 Models


Sabian has added new cymbals to its Xs20 line. The dB Control Crash is quick, bright, and quiet. The popular HHX and AAX X-Celerator hi-hat designs are also going to be available. These crisp, accurate hi-hats eliminate air lock with an Air-Wave bottom. Finally, a new 21″ Xs20 medium ride cymbal is being introduced. Xs20 models are crafted from Sabian B20 bronze and are available in natural or brilliant finish.

Sabian Xs20 Cymbals Features:

  • Crafted from Sabian B20 bronze
  • dB Control Crash is quiet and bright with short sustain
  • Hi-hats are crisp and accurate with air-wave bottom
  • Medium ride provides stick definition and clean, musical tone


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