Monday, June 24, 2013

SPOTLIGHT: Ibanez Natural S Premium Guitar At A Deal 20% Off

The S series guitars by Ibanez provides a new quality with great looks and variable sound: the Ibanez S970CW-NT. The flat mahogany body is a trademark of the Ibanez S970CW-NT and provides a dark walnut top with a delicate graining. As it features a fast Wizard neck, the Ibanez S970CW-NT allows perfect playability for fast fret action. Two humbuckers and one singlecoil gives the Ibanez S970CW-NT a powerful sound for fusion, metal and rock. 

Ibanez Natural S Premium Guitar At A Deal 20% Off Ends Tuesday

Premium Fret Edge Treatment
Ibanez's luthiers' insane attention to detail is evidenced by the Premium's hand-rolled fret edges. This slow, demanding process makes for a smooth, fast playing neck.


ZPS (Zero Point System)
No friction points make the ZPS the smoothest Ibanez Back Stop ever.  An additional outer pair of springs provides easier tuning and better tuning stability than the traditional floating tremolo-plus the other strings will remain in tune if a string breaks.

Switchable To Floating Trem
One of the best ZPS features! Just remove the stop bar and the ZPS easily changes to floating trem operation.

Manually Adjustable Spring System
Spring tension can be quickly set by thumb. There's no need for a hex wrench.

CAP Pickups
CAP-CL1/CL2 (neck & bridge)
CAP humbuckers combine vintage warmth with remarkable clarity of tone. Bright, high output Alnico 5 magnet, OFC (oxygen free copper) coil which drastically minimizes signal loss, and Belden® wirings, exemplify the attention to detail it takes to deliver a musically rich sonic palette.

CAP-VM1S (middle)
Embodies the classic single coil pickup: warm, clear-bodied on the bottom with shimmering top end. This pickup also boasts top quality components, Alnico 5 magnet, OFC coil, and Belden® wirings.

Collet Knob
Designed for great looks and engineered to avoid the risk of coming off while you're playing. The non-slip functionality gives this collet knob accurate axis rotation and control for any player.



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