Friday, June 21, 2013

Serious Sound With the Electro-Voice Live X Series

Electro-Voice's Live X Series is a feat in sound engineering.  This series will give you top-notch sound quality for the price point.  Here are some points as to why this series rocks and how it actually helps you and your audience.

Main Features
  • High-frequency titanium compression drivers
  • 700-W and 1000-W Class-D high-efficiency amplifiers run cool without fans
  • Clear Full Range
  • Rugged, Solid Wood Enclosure also adds to the resonance, unlike plastic enclosures
  • Designed to pole-mount or stack with Live X subwoofers
  • Easy to connect and control with versatile input and output options
  • Lightweight materials, balanced design, durable, and ergonomic handles for convenient transport, setup, and load-out
  • Versatile and gig ready for performance
  • SPL output across all component configurations
  • Best-in-class frequency response across powered and passive models
  • Best-in-class power-handling and sensitivity specs across passive models 
  • Exceptional crossover performance
  • It is easy to connect with 2 XLR/TRS combo jacks, 1 stereo RCA, and an XLR Link output, and has intuitive amplifier controls 




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