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Roland Complete Guide: Dallape Model

On Tuesday, 14th September 2010  a historical decision was taken in the City of Stradella, Lombardia, Italy, between the multinational Japanese company Roland and one of the oldest accordion manufacturers in Italy, the company Dallapé.
 Dallape was founded by Mariano Dallape back in 1876 and has since remained a family business.  Over 134 years later, Dallape Accordions are known for their traditional style and for the precise and fine craftsmenship with which they are made. 

Although the Dallape Factory have closed in 2010, they have made a historical decision along with music-making giant Roland to continue the legacy of Dallape and spread the musical stylings of a truly enchanting instrument: the Accordion.

Together, Roland and Dallape have used the classic “Dallapé Sound”  and put into a new digital system, that can easily be adapted as an additional option to any ROLAND V-Accordion.

The agreement was signed in the office of Mariano Dallapé by Amleto and Bianca Dallapé and Alfredo Maroni  (President of Roland Europe). The signing was followed by a press conference in the Stradella City Hall in the presence of Luigi Bruti (Marketing Director of Roland Europe and a founder of the V-Accordion),  the Mayor Pierangelo Lombardi (City of Stradella), Carlo Aguzzi (Director of the Museum in Stradella), Giuseppe Zacchetti (Director of the Theatre), as well as journalists, TV and local media reporters.

The outstanding musical harmony between traditional and digital music moving "Towards the Future" was masterfully performed by  Maestro Ludovic Beier on his Roland FR-7X and the “Dallapé Centenario 1976” played by Maestro Gianluca Campi.

See below of images of the day.  

Original office of Mariano Dallape

Original Office of Mariano Dallape

Bianca Maria Dallapé, Alfredo Maroni (Roland Europe President) and Amleto Dallapé 

Press conference at "Museo della Fisarmonica" (Accordion Museum) of Stradella.  From Left: Bianca Maria Dallapé, Alfredo Maroni, Amleto Dallapé and Luigi Bruti (Roland Europe Marketing Director). Speech by Amleto Dallapé. 

Performance by Gianluca Campi playing a Dallape Accordion

Alfredo Maroni and Amleto Dallapé shaking hands to seal their agreement.

City of Stradella - Dallape Accordion Factory from the street.

Dallape Laboratory and Factory   

Dallape Factory Area


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