Friday, May 31, 2013

New Nord 2013 Releases!

Nord Piano 2

Main features

  • 88-note Hammer Action keybed
    or 73-key Hammer Action Portable keyboard
  • All sounds can be replaced
  • Nord Piano Library compatible
  • Nord Sample Library compatible 
  • Layer and split-functionality 
  • Dynamic Pedal Noise
    (with Nord Triple Pedal)
Nord Lead 4


Main features

  • 4-part multi-timbral with 4 separate outs.
  • 2-Oscillator Virtual Analog Subtractive synthesis with Frequency Modulation, Hard and Soft Sync and True Voice Unison.
  • Morph and Variation performance controls.
  • Wavetable synthesis, including unique Formant Wavetables.
  • 12/24 dB Low-pass, High-pass, Band-pass filters
    section plus transistor and diode ladder filter simulations.
  • The Nord Lead 4 is also available as a Tabletop/Rack version, the Nord Lead 4R. 
Nord Drum 2


Main Features

• 6-channel drum synthesizer
• Resonance modeling, Subtractive- and FM-synthesis
• 6 generic trigger inputs
• Dedicated Nord Pad input with support for separate Kick trigger/pad.
• MIDI in/out with CC control
• Stereo output, with pan control
Headphones output 

Main Features
  • Improved Key Click and Percussion NEW
  • 122 Rotary Speaker simulation NEW
  • Vox and Farfisa organ simulations
  • Nord Piano Library compatible
  • String Resonance (Gen 1)
  • Long Release
  • Nord Sample Library compatible
  • Powerful Effect section
  • 4 Live Locations/Program Banks
  • Extended Control Pedal Support
  • 2X Memory for Nord Sound Libraries
    (Electro 4 SW73/HP Only


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