Monday, August 13, 2012

New Roland GA-112 and GA-212 Amplifiers

Roland has introduced two new guitar amplification systems, the Roland GA-212 and GA-112 Guitar Amplifiers to meet the rigorous demands performing guitarists.
Unlike typical modeling amps, the Roland GA-112 1 x 12" Roland GA-212 2 x 12" guitar combo amps are designed to let you create your own unique tube amplifier tones, rather than to call up the sound of classic vintage amp models., the GA series is complete with Roland's COSM technology to model components that you can tweak to your liking.
These amps are truly an organic playing experience with their top-level tube designs and all modern digital processing brings, encompassing memory function, low noise and more.
Roland GA-212 and GA-112 Guitar Amplifiers are equipped for the stage or arena as they offer powerful, ultra responsive tone and high volume performance. The GA-212 sports 2 custom-designed 12 inch speakers and throws out a whopping 200 watts of power. The GA-112 is equipped with a single 12 inch speaker and has 100 watts of power, which makes it good for clubs and medium sized venues.
The GA series amps have a versatile, multi-voice tone engine with a wide range of sounds, from sparkling clean to raunchy crunch to over-the-top mega-gain. Operation is easy and intuitive, with familiar Drive and Volume knobs, standard tone controls (Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence), and switches for voicing, gain boost, and mid boost.
Four custom sound settings can be stored and recalled with front-panel switches or the optional GA-FC Foot Controller. Both amps have knobs that feature LED indicators which indicate the current settings when a preset is recalled and make them visible in low light situations. The Sound Indicator provides a visual indication of the tonal character of the current tone.
Professional extras include two effects loops with selectable series/parallel operation and +4 dBu/-10 dBu level, plus two auxiliary outputs, a line-level direct output, and a DI/tuner output. The GA-FC Foot Controller can control multiple GA-series amps at once, and features two expression pedal inputs for foot-controlled drive and volume adjustment.


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