Monday, September 19, 2011

Fender Mustang™ Mini

Fender Mustang Mini!
Mustang Amp fun…now in a MINI format!

The go-anywhere, play-anywhere Mustang Mini amp is
ultra-portable and ultra-versatile. It packs state-of-the-art Fender
tone technology into a diminutive yet amazingly versatile amp with
a single 6.5” speaker and seven watts of power. Highly compact
and lightweight (only 7.25 lbs.), the Mustang Mini is loaded with
features including 24 onboard presets built from eight digital amp
models and a dozen digital effects (with more available online,
including artist presets) and easy computer connectivity.

Other features include headphone output, auxiliary input, USB port
and included USB cable for digital recording, Fender FUSE™
connectivity for adding more effects and parameters,
programmable control knobs including gain and treble, “tap” button
for setting delay times and modulation rates, “save” button for
preserving modified preset settings, built-in tuner, hinged handle
that doubles as tilt-back mechanism, distinctive Mustang
“carbon-tweed” cosmetics, AC adaptor (included) and battery
operation (six C-cell batteries, not included).

Amplifier Type:
Preset, Effects, Gain, Volume, Treble, Master
Auxillary Input:
1/8" Auxiliary Input Jack
Headphone Jack:
9.45" (24 cm)
9.45" (24 cm)
6.69” (17 cm)
7.25 lb. (3.3 kg)
1/4" Footswitch Jack
Stereo Tape Delay, Tape Delay + Room Reverb, Chorus + Hall Reverb, Vibratone + Room Reverb
Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Vibratone, Vintage Tremolo, Octave Down, Small Room Reverb, Fender ’65 Spring Reverb,
Unique Features:
presets including Artist presets available with free Fender FUSE™ software), Digital chromatic tuner, Metal handle
doubles as a tilt-back stand, Two “quick access” presets can be selected with (optional) one-button footswitch, Stereo
headphone output for silent practice or line out, USB connection for FUSE application and digital recording output
7 Watt digital amplifier, Uses AC power supply (included) or six AA batteries, 8 amp models, 24 presets (additional


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