Thursday, July 28, 2011

Marshall Collectors Special Edition AFD100

The Collectors Special Edition of the amplifier that simply everyone is talking about is now available to order. The Collectors Special Edition AFD100 is the same great amplifier as the AFD100 Limited edition but comes with a host of extras that are sure to put this limited run of amplifiers on every true Slash fan’s wish list!

Limited to just 100 units world wide this Collectors Special Edition comes supplied in its own flight case with Slash detailing to protect the individually HAND SIGNED  and numbered AFD100 amplifier head inside. The Head is finished in exclusive black snakeskin vinyl, high polish front and rear mirror control panels and powder coated chassis all make this special unit the collectors dream.

As well as coming with Slash’s penmanship on the amplifier itself, the amplifier will also be supplied with a selection of goodies some of which money simply cannot buy. This includes a high quality speaker cable with silver colour braiding, return card for and exclusive AFD100 collectors specials edition work shirt, Certificate of authenticity and production traveller document.

Where it all began...
In 1987 Guns and Roses released their debut album – Appetite For Destruction – and changed rock music forever. Raw, unrelenting and "in-yer-face" from start to finish, this was the record that redefined rock music in the 80s. The lyrics were incisive and the music uncompromising, completed by Slash's inspired fretboard mastery and unique sound, regarded by many as the ultimate rock tone. 

The intriguing history of the Marshall amp used by Slash on AFD and its subsequent disappearance has now passed into rock folklore. Widely believed to be a hot-rodded, 100 Watt, pre-master volume model from the early 70s, this legendary amp was hired specifically for the "Appetite" sessions in 1986. Eager to hold on to the amplifier, Slash told rental company S.I.R. that it had been stolen, only to have it "stolen" back a year later during tour rehearsals. Ever since there has been little to no word on the whereabouts of that mysterious 100 Watt head, synonymous with a true rock icon and one of greatest rock albums of all time.
Now Slash and Marshall Amplification have joined forces to re-create that revered ­"Appetite Tone" with the announcement of the new Marshall AFD amplifier. Fans around the world will be able to track the development of this incredible project online, from drawing board to stadium


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